Astro-Chat: Songs of the Stars: The Real Music of the Spheres

an astro-chat with

Professor Don Kurtz

Visiting Professor, School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Lincoln, UK

Friday, 25 November 2022

7:00-8:00 pm

Live online

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We humans are visual creatures: “seeing is believing.” But there are other ways to know the world and universe. For many species “hearing is believing”. 2500 years ago the Pythagoreans believed in a celestial “Music of the Spheres”, an idea that reverberated down the millennia in Western music, literature, art and science. Now we know that there is a real music of the spheres. The stars have sounds in them that we can use to see right to their very cores using the new, Kavli Prize winning field called “Asteroseismology”. This multi-media lecture looks at the relationship of music to stellar sounds. You will hear the real sounds of the stars (with a key change) and you will hear a musical composition where every member of the orchestra is a real (astronomical) star!

This is our 13th Astro-Chat with our distinguished guest Professor Don Kurtz. The session will include a brief illustrated introduction followed by questions and answers. Members of the public will be able to ask questions in the live-chat. The event is hosted by Professor Andrei Zvelindovsky, Head of the School of Maths & Physics at the University of Lincoln, UK.

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