Astro-Chat: UFOs – are aliens visiting the Earth?

an astro-chat with

Professor Don Kurtz

Visiting Professor, School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Lincoln, UK

Friday, 18 June 2021,

7:00-7:45 pm

Live online

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Are aliens visiting the Earth? Are the military forces keeping flying saucers secret? When was the first flying saucer seen? Hear about Orson Welles, Roswell, the Bermuda Triangle, crop circles and then ask your questions. Spoiler: (The answer is no, but come hear why.)

This is our second Astro-Chat with our distinguished guest Professor Don Kurtz. The session will include a brief illustrated introduction followed by questions and answers. Members of the public will be able to ask questions in the live-chat. The event is hosted by Professor Andrei Zvelindovsky, Head of the School of Maths & Physics at the University of Lincoln, UK.

2 thoughts on “Astro-Chat: UFOs – are aliens visiting the Earth?

  1. how did they get here? did they come through the disc of the milky way or from what is called empty space. how did they navigate? what is thats called empty space. can it be navigated? And so many questions!

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