Dr Snezana Lawrence

Snezana Lawrence was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia). She studied descriptive geometry at the University of Belgrade before moving to UK where she has been living since 1992. She earned her PhD from the Open University in 2002 on the topic Geometry of Architecture and Freemasonry in 19th Century England, supervised by Jeremy Gray. While working as a secondary school teacher in 2004–2005, she won a Gatsby Teacher Fellowship in Mathematics, with which she started a popular web site “Maths is Good For You”. Subsequently, Snezana moved to post-secondary education, including work as a senior lecturer at Bath Spa University, Anglia Ruskin University, and Middlesex University, where she is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Mathematics and Design Engineering.

She is the Chair of the History and Pedagogy of Mathematics International Study Group (an affiliate of the International Mathematics Union for 2020-2024), and is Diversity Champion of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications (UK).

Snezana is the co-editor (with Mark McCartney) of Mathematicians and Their Gods (2015, Oxford University Press) and her book A New Year’s Present from a Mathematician was published by Chapmann & Hall (2019, CRP Press). Snezana is Series Editor (History) for Recreational Mathematics, CRC Press/Routledge.

Once a keen swimmer, she is now cycling around the Fens and Hertfordshire whenever she has spare time (which is not too often!).

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