Isaac Newton Christmas Lecture

Maths & Physics News

Space travel: from fantasy to reality and beyond

a duo public lecture (including 20 minutes interval) by

Dr Fabien Paillusson

School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Lincoln


Dr Anna Marie Roos

School of History & Heritage, University of Lincoln

Wednesday 20 December 2017

6 pm – 7:40 pm

Lecture Theatre in the new Isaac Newton building, Brayford Pool Campus, University of Lincoln

This special Christmas lecture consists of two short parts of 25-30 minutes each with 20 minutes interval, during which a bar will be open where visitors can buy mulled or usual wine and soft drinks. After the second talk there will be some time for questions.

Eventbrite - Newton Christmas Lecture: Space travel: from fantasy to reality and beyond
Stories about leaving the Earth to visit other worlds have existed since ancient times. The specific content and focus of these stories depend on the culture and time period one is looking at. In the first part of this…

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