The aim of this blog is to bring views of scientists, both the leaders of the academia and young researchers, to students beyond the lecture room boundary as well to a wider audience. The blog is a forum to discuss views and opinions on various topics of modern science, technology and education related to natural and exact sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.

General public hears scientists either during public lectures, which are not available everywhere, or on the media. This blog is mostly a collection of interviews. Traditional interviews are taken by journalists, who do not do science themselves, so they cannot formulate questions “from within”. Moreover, in my work in science I met lots of very interesting people, who don’t give any interviews to the media, as they don’t like any buzz. So I decided to try to take interviews myself, and you can help me with that by suggesting interesting topics.

Professor Andrei Zvelindovsky,
University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom